My wife and I started  this business in rural Markham Ontario, just north of Toronto in 1995. For the past 19 years we have been shown the open hearted generosity of people. Most of the things make are not kept by the person who buys them.
They are happy, proud, even excited, to give them away.

I think they enjoy having a hand in the gift making process. Even if they can only choose the carving, colour, size or style.
The recipient will appreciate that some planning, effort and forethought went into the purchase.

They feel that their gift will be around for a long time.
For a piece of furniture to last in a home it must be more than just well built. It must be wanted and appreciated, given a certain amount of care and even respect. If an item is too large, or too heavy, to to fit into their daily lives, it will not last long. Now if this item is useful, adaptable and also has a personal attachment, either by its association with an event or to the person who gave it, then it has a much better chance to hold favor and survive in the household and perhaps in the home the next generation as well.

We realize that the gifts we make are not for everyone.

The lure of the big box store with the ability to return and exchange or to gift card it,  is a powerful one.  We can only say, from our experience, that if you take a chance, be bold, and give something that will bring joy and actually say how you feel,
you may be handsomely rewarded. 

  Imagine, if 25 years from now, you go to your friend's 25th wedding anniversary open house,
and in her living room is the bench you gave her on her wedding day, how would you feel?

We wish you well in your search for the gift that will make you proud. If we can be of assistance please give us a call.

Mike & Debbie Reilly
Shipped throughout North America
Shepherd's Cottage
111 Dickson Hill Rd. Markham  Ontario  L3P3J3     Phone 905-642-7437 or 1-800-644-7534 Shepherd's Cottage
Memory Bench carved for a wedding gift. Memory Bench carved for a wedding gift.
How is it possible to give Joy when you cannot buy Happiness?
Alternate spellings:
Shepherds Cottage, Shepherd Cottage, Shephards Cottage, Shephsrd Cottage, Sheppards Cottage, Shephers Cottage, Shepprd Cottage, Shepard Cottage, Shephard's Cottage
Alternate names for this bench. 
Wedding bench, Brides bench, Douglas stool, Joint stool, wedding stool, birth stool, memory stool, wedding  bench,
The Wedding
Memory Bench
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Memory Bench
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